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Builders' Hut[]



In the Builders’ Hut you will find your Builders. They will not only help you to construct and upgrade buildings, but also to manage your current constructions..

During a construction process, a Builder is busy and he will not be available until the building is finished.

At the beginning, you will have 2 Builders at your disposal, but if you want, you can unlock further Builders. This way you will be able to build up or upgrade more buildings at the same time. Each Builder's Hut level will allow you to unlock a new builder using Premium currency, to a maximum of level 5.



The Builders' Hut is already on the World Map  at the beginning of the game so you are able to place buildings from the start. It does not need a Street connection to the Main Hall and can be moved. It cannot be sold nor rebuilt, but it can be upgraded.

Builders hut Production.png


Hint: If the Builders’ Hut receives Neighborly Help, the next construction time will be reduced by 10 %. With each upgrade, more Construction Boosts will become available.