Elvenar Wiki

Buildings Purpose[]

Buildings are the key to success in Elvenar. To build buildings you will need to open the Buildings menu by clicking it's button in the Main menu.

Buildings are sorted into different categories and you can choose them via the different tabs. Buildings have different sizes, which can also vary from one upgrade level to the next.


They can be moved but not rotated. Most of the buildings can be sold. You will need to connect the majority of the buildings to the Main Hall with streets, otherwise the construction won’t start and buildings won’t activate.

Road Missing.png

Buildings Levels[]

Each building can be upgraded up to the 15th level. They will all begin as Basic Buildings, are upgraded to Advanced Buildings and will improve to Superior Buildings. The interval between Basic, Advanced and Superior Buildings varies from building to building and it is also different for each race. Research is required in order for a building to upgrade to the next class, and for each new class the building will also require more space.

Hint:Throughout the Wiki, you will be able to see the required building size per level for each type of building, on its building information table.

Selling Buildings[]

You can sell and rebuild most of your buildings. In order to know which resources you will get back from selling a building, just enter sell mode by clicking the icon $, hover your mouse over the building and you will see a tool tip with that information.

Main Hall

Builders' Hut