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The Main Hall[]



The Main Hall is the center of your city and acts as your main storage. Most of the buildings need to be connected by streets to the Main Hall, to make them functional.

Clicking on the building opens your inventory of produced resources. The Main Hall provides the storage for Coins, Supplies and Goods. There is no limit for the storage of Goods. In contrast if you want to enlarge the storage capacity for Coins and Supplies you will need to upgrade the Main Hall.

The Main Hall also provides you with an overview on your Relics and production boosts.


Production Boost: Over the course of the game, you will gain the ability to increase your production of three of the 9 Goods in the game. The three boostable Goods are assigned randomly at the start. They are listed in the Main Hall. To get a production boost, you will need to unlock its technology in the Research Tree and collect the corresponding Relices on the World map.


The Main Hall is available right at the start of the game. There are no requirements to get this building. It can be moved but it cannot be sold or rebuilt.


Upgrading your Main Hall to a new level will increase:

  1. The amount of Coins and Supplies you can store;
  2. The amount of Coins you will get when someone donates to the building using Neighborly Help;
  3. The value of your reward when you offer Neighborly Help to other players.