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The Sorcerers' Pilgrimage Event 2020 will run from July 27th to August 16th 2020.

Behold! The Sorcerers' Pilgrimage is about to start! Every year, the most powerful Kings, Queens, Lords and Ladies are sending apprentices from their local sorcerer schools out for their great pilgrimage across the lands of Elvenar. Their goal: reaching the Tower of Wisdom. This pilgrimage is a true test of cunning, wisdom, willpower, and endurance.

This year you, too, have the opportunity to send a few of your best apprentices on their magical journey. Zaphiel, once an apprentice himself, asks you to support them as best you can on their way along with the Beacons of Power. In doing so, you will earn the respect of the sorcerer’s community and allow the apprentices to return to you with glory and treasures.

The Sorcerers' Pilgrimage Event 2020 is a special event that will run from will run from July 27th to August 16th 2020