Elvenar Wiki

City Map[]

At the beginning, you start with a limited area to build your city. The City Map is an area divided into tiles that looks like a square grid and where you can place your first buildings, in order to start your city's development. You will start with 15x10 tiles.

700px-City start human.png

But of course your goal is to expand and your biggest challenge is to make the best of the space at your disposal. To increase your buildable area you can unlock Expansions in the Research Tree, gain them by solving all Encounters in a Province, or buy a Premium Expansion. Each City Map Expansion has an area of 25 tiles.

At the beginning, you will already find two buildings on the City Map: The Main Hall and the Builders' Hut.

  • The Main Hall is the center of your city and acts as your main storage. Most of the buildings need to be connected by streets to the Main Hall to make them functional.
  • In the Builders' Hut you will find your Workers. They will help you to construct and upgrade buildings and also to manage your current constructions.